Best Universities for Computer Science in United States

computer science

Computer Science has been listed at the top five degrees to pursue in the United States for international students. Students from all nationalities who have just graduated high-school, are noticing the importance of the computing system in our everyday lives and are constantly eager to learn the technology behind its processes. The benefits of an IT degree are endless, starting with the high salaries and the high demand for IT graduates as the days go by.

The computer science degree offers many courses of specialization, depending on your skills and what suits your interests the most. Some of the most popular courses include Database Management, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Game Design. 

Here are some of the best universities for Computer Science in the United States:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is the biggest program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as the most important one. EECS scholars are focused on learning about the new development of technologies that are happening all around the world, so they can come up with innovative ideas through courses with a focus on research.

The EECS department at MIT offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. Undergraduate students are required to take two compulsory courses where fundamentals of electrical engineering and computer science are covered in detail. After learning about the core subjects, students are allowed to select courses based on their motives and subjects that match their intentions for the future. 

Students who enroll in a graduate program are introduced to subjects that are related closely to industrial settings. They also have the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge to practice either at partner companies or within the MIT premises.

2. Stanford University

Studying Computer Science at Stanford University leads to graduating with new skills and knowledge that you will be able to apply in many fields of employment. CompSci is closely related to engineering, medicine, and science. The number of Stanford University’s bachelor graduates has increased by over 3% in the past few years, and the university is consistently ranked at the top universities in the country for Computer Science as well as Engineering.

Stanford University offers many levels of higher education for those interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science. The undergraduate program is designed to teach the basic information on CompSci, so students can understand the importance of the processes of computer science in our daily lives. The classes offered at the Master’s level focus on the students’ preparation for their future careers or doctoral studies.

The Ph.D. degree is reserved for students who show commitment to the field and prove they can perform individually in any work environment where professional research skills are required. Ph.D. candidates are expected to actively participate in the events and contributions of the Computer Science field after graduating.

3. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

At Carnegie Mellon University students are treated in the same manner as they treat experts of computer science. Their approach to treating students as equals is incomparable and is considered a model for all universities to follow. The faculty of the computer science department work closely with the learners to induce a sense of creative problem-solving techniques.

At the undergraduate level as a computer science major, you are required to take a second subject which will count as a minor in order to graduate with full credit with a B.S. in Computer Science. There are many courses available at the undergraduate level, including humanities and science subjects. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to work full time or part time jobs in the summer, in order to earn study credit. Moreover, unlike other universities, CMU gives students the possibility to work in a research project while getting a Bachelor’s degree.

4. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

The University of California, Berkeley is the number one public university in the country for computer science and its success is as high or higher than the ivy league schools that offer courses in the same field. With an acceptance rate of 17%, the degree of computer science has an even lower rate of 8.5%, which goes to show the big value that this area of study holds. More to this point, the program of computer science at UCB is constantly receiving state funds. 

To get admitted to UCB for computer science, you can go one of two ways. The first option is to enroll in the Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) major which is part of the College of Engineering (COE). Through this method you will graduate with a BS degree and be fully educated on the field of engineering.

Another way to study Computer Science at UC Berkeley is through the College of Letters & Science(L&S), which includes courses on topics related to sciences and arts. Completion of this program means you will be getting the title Bachelor of Arts (BA).

5. Harvard University

Studying computer science at Harvard University means you will be introduced to a very informative background of what computer science is and all the aspects that come with it. Most importantly, at Harvard, they focus on accurately delivering the process of communication that occurs between the computer and life as we know it. 

Courses of computer science at Harvard University are held in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. One of the most popular courses at this program is the “CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science” where students learn about the fundamentals of computer science and the art of programming. 

Here are some of the best career fields available for computer science graduates:

  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Economics and Computer Science
  • Privacy and Security
  • Data-management Systems
  • Intelligent Interfaces
  • Operating Systems 
  • Computer Graphics 
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Robotics
  • Networks 
  • Architectures
  • Program Languages 
  • Machine Learning 

6. Princeton University

At Princeton University, both the academic staff and faculty believe that all students at all levels and all majors should undertake at least one course in computer science. This happens due to the immense development and usage of the computer in any area and aspect of our lives.The department of computer science at Princeton, thus introduces students to the fundamentals of the program and teaches them how to apply the computer knowledge in any area of study.

Only at the department of computer science are students allowed to be flexible on choosing their courses to complete the entire curriculum based units. As long as the courses offer theoretical knowledge on CompSci and computer system design and application, students don’t have to all take the same classes at the undergraduate level. If you are interested in advancing your degree further, Princeton University offers a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) and/or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

7. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

The University of California, Los Angeles is home to the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science where undergraduate students can either enroll in the program of computer science or computer science and engineering, both offering the Bachelor title. Students who choose the computer science and engineering degree are interested in understanding the entire machinery behind the processes of computer science, in contrast to the majors of computer science.

UCLA, similar to many universities in the US, offers two postgraduate programs in computer science, which are a Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). UCLA is considered one of the most prestigious research universities in the world, and students are constantly cooperating with each other and the faculty for the best results. The requirements and the goals of UCLA computer science program are similar to one another. They are seeking scholars who showcase strong communication skills and are eager to work in teams. Additionally, people who are able to contribute to the development of the computer science industry are valuable for the university.

8. University of Washington (UW)

UW accepts computer science candidates through the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, which focuses on producing graduates who are skilled in the design and computer science application systems. The Paul G.Allen School is known to hire and include faculty members who are dedicated to including the latest technologies in their classes as well as the university’s laboratories. 

Two computer science degrees are available at Allen School such as the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science & Systems. With an undergraduate degree in computer science at the Allen School, you can move on to a wide array of career choices depending on your preferences. Many graduates become part of huge technology companies, start-ups or even non-profit organizations which are in need of computer science specialists to help solve the world’s biggest issues.